Around the world in Cessna 182

April 07, 2004
Masindi, Uganda (HUMI) to Malakal, Sudan (HSSM)

I have started early today (3 am local time) as this part of my trip was rather long. That meant that most of the flight was to be in the dark, but that was OK as there were not too many things to see along the way. The Sun came up an hour before I landed and miraculously I managed to resist taking pictures of a sunrise.

The flight itself was not very eventful. After a brief pre-flight check at the Masindi airport (if you can call that thing there an airport), I took off, set the course to 359, climbed to 10,500 ft. where I found some help from the wind and basically that was that. I've set the autopilot to keep the heading and used this opportunity to do some reading (one eye on the manuscript, one on the screen). The weather was nice all the way to Malakal so there was no turbulence like what I had last time. Nice weather also made for a nice approach and landing.

Over the last few years, this part of the world has not been a very happy place. The civil war in Sudan has been dragging on forever and in addition there have been numerous other skirmishes. If I was flying around the world today for real, I would have probably chosen another route. The reason I've decided to fly to Malakal on this virtual trip was so that I can follow the Nile later on all the way to the great pyramids of Egypt. Sometimes I almost think it is better that all of this is happening inside my CPU and not in the real world.

Pre flight check at Masindi airport

Leaving Masindi

Lake Albert to the East

Going to the Moon...

Final approach to Malakal over the White Nile

At the GA parking
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