Around the world in Cessna 182

April 12, 2004
Khartoum, Sudan (HSSS) to Aswan, Egypt (HESN)

I was able to start this leg early in the morning just as I originally planned. At 3 am local time (6 pm Mountain time), I took off from Khartoum towards Aswan in South Egypt. Aswan is located just North of the largest man made body of water in the world, Lake Nasser. Two dams whose construction created the lake are the High Dam built in 60's and the Aswan Dam built at the beginning of the 20th century. The Lake Nasser provides Egypt with the irrigation and electricity.

The flight itself was not very exciting. After climbing to 8,500 ft. I really had nothing much to do, so I set the autopilot to hold the course (heading 360) and relaxed for most of the flight. I did have some tail wind at that altitude so that made this flight shorter than I originally thought. Nothing wrong with that. I did climb to 10,000 ft. some 250 nm South of Aswan as the wind was somewhat stronger there. Ah, the things we do for speed.

The Sun came up just in time for me to take few pictures of the Lake Nasser. Besides those, there are the obligatory images of the final approach and the plane parked near the hangar (not to mention the preflight and takeoff ones).

After a really long time, I flew two days in the row. Let's see if I can do three for three (and I might even have a company for the tomorrow's flight, who knows).

Pre flight check at the Khartoum airport

Taxing for takeoff

Leaving Khartoum

Lake Nasser, whole lot of water in the middle of the desert

Final approach to Aswan airport

Ready for rest
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