Around the world in Cessna 182

April 03, 2004
Nairobi, Kenya (HKRE) to Masindi, Uganda (HUMI)

This is the first update since I moved to I've been using my University of Mississippi account for many years, and finally the time has come to switch over to a commercial one. I still have an account there, but my web pages, together with the around the world part will be available only at this site though.

Early morning, 04:30, in Nairobi. I got ready and took off heading west towards the Victoria Lake. Instead of flying directly towards the Masindi, I took a detour over the Entebbe VOR. This way I got to fly over the Victoria Lake, like the real tourist that I am.

While in Nairobi, the weather was great, but only 1 hour into the flight it got very ugly very fast. Just as the first light of a new day started to appear to the east, I flew into a major thunderstorm. I did get to take a cool shot of a lightning as I was approaching the clouds though. In order to try to avoid the worst of it, I flew rather high (13,500 ft). The ride seemed less bumpy at that altitude. I did descent to a lower altitude once I got closer to the lake to take pictures. By that time the sun was out and the weather had cleared up some.

Once I was over the Entebbe VOR, I changed the heading to 338 which took me to Masindi. The airport there was very small, so no ILS, but since the weather was nice the approach and landing were not a problem.

Pre flight check

Leaving HKRE airport

Leaving Nairobi, heading West

The first light of a new day

Flying into a storm

Victoria Lake

Over the Entebbe VOR

Final approach to Masindi

Done for the day
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