Around the world in Cessna 182

April 13, 2004
Aswan, Egypt (HESN) to Cairo, Egypt (HECA)

This is now the third straight day that I am flying. I have finally picked up the pace. I guess there is a hope that I will be back in Salt Lake City before the year 2020 after all. Another interesting thing is that I have company today. Moritz traded his King Air for Cessna 182, and decided to join me for the tour of the Giza plateau. He was at the gate next to mine at the Aswan airport and took off right behind me. We were both following the heading 347 directly to Cairo, separated by 200 ft. vertically ( I was at 6,700 and Moritz at 6,900) and by about 0.2 miles horizontally. When we were leaving Aswan, it was pitch dark (one would expect that to be the case at 3 am). The Sun did come out just in time though for the grand tour of the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Nothing like tourism from a low flying plane going 100 kn or so.

It was interesting trying to synchronise flying so that we are close enough for taking cool pictures, but far enough so that we do not bump into each other. Initially we got separated by more than half mile as Moritz was having issues with his GPS, but eventually it all worked out. I have included all the pictures bellow.

After touring the Giza plateau, we went towards the Cairo airport (HECA) lined up for the approach, and landed there about one minute apart. We both parked our planes at the GA parking area, near the main terminal building.

Pre flight check, Moritz is to the right

Ready for a takeoff, Moritz is next in line

Leaving Aswan

Posing with the Moon

The sunrise over the Red Sea, with the mountains of Saudi Arabia in the background

The Pyramids and the Sphinx at the Giza plateau

Parked at the Cairo international airport
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