Around the world in Cessna 182

Janyary 31, 2004
Nouachott, Mauritania (GQNN) to Dakar, Senegal (GOOY)

Early Saturday morning, and I am ready to continue my journey. I prepared the plane, filed VFR plan and took off heading south-southwest (214) directly towards Dakar. The whole flight was along the coastline, following the edge of the Sahara desert. Weather was a bit foggy, and very hot. I am now slowly approaching the south end of the desert. That means that I will soon trade the very hot dry climate to very hot and very humid one.

This was rather short flight, and most of it was in the clouds and fog, so not too many pictures. I still have few of the takeoff and landing though as always.

Pre flight check

Next in line for takeoff

Now I am ready to go

Leaving Nouachott

Downwind leg to Dakar airport

Final approach to Dakar airport

Parked and ready for the next leg...
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