Around the world in Cessna 182

January 25, 2004
Agadir, Morocco (GMAD) to La Palma, Canary Islands (GCLA) 385 mi

Not wasting any time, I got ready, created a VFR flight plan to La Palma, and was on my way. Total time spent in Agadir was under 20 minutes. I am sure that it would take longer than that in real life.

Anyway, just as during the approach, the Agadir airport was enveloped in fog. I took off climbed to 8,500 ft. and set the heading to 265 directly to La Palma. This whole flight was over the Atlantic, so there was little to see. Still I did manage to make some interesting shots as you can see bellow.

It was interesting to see the beach, where Sahara meets the Atlantic Ocean. I have not been at this one, but I have been at the Northern Africa at the Mediterranean coast of Sahara. It looks just like this. I could even see the algae on the beech as I was flying over. I assume that is correct, as the beach on the North had them as well.

Once over the Ocean, I took a photo of the coast and the Atlas mountains in the distance, behind me.

I have of course chosen to fly to the island that is the furthest away from African continent, La Palma. I was able to make few screen shots of some of the closer islands (Lanzarote and Tenerife), but the night fell before I got to La Palma, so there are no shots of it.

So, that was all the excitement for this flight. After landing at La Palma airport, I parked the plane, and called it a day.

Pre flight check at Agadir airport

Leaving Agadir

Where Sahara meets the Atlantic...

Leaving the West coast of Africa

Lanzarote island

Tenerife island

Final approach to La Palma

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