Around the world in Cessna 182

January 29, 2004
La Palma, Canary Islands (GCLA) to Nouachott, Mauritania (GQNN)

Flight from La Palma, the westernmost of the Canary islands, to the capital of Mauritania, Nouachott, was mostly over the Atlantic Ocean. Only the last 1/5 or so, of the flight was over the land (Western Sahara, and Mauritania).

So, at the 2:30 am local time, I got ready, created the flight plan, got in my plane, took of from La Palma airport and set the heading to 180, directly to Nouachott. 8,500 ft. sounded like the reasonable altitude for this trip, so that is what I chose. Once at my chosen altitude, I set the autopilot and then was able to relax for some 4 hours. Since the trip was in the dark, there was nothing to see really, which meant only one thing. I can do more reading. I really wonder what people do in situations like this. Bring books, mp3 players, talk to someone, or just keep looking at the instruments in the darkness until they fall asleep. Who knows?

During this trip, I had another first. Since I started at 2:30 am, and flew east, I was treated to a spectacular sunrise over the Sahara desert. I really wish I can travel to all these places one day.

The approach and landing at Nouachott, went without any problems. After landing, I parked my plane, and called it a day. Do not even ask what the time was in my zone. Yawn. Pleasant dreams.

Pre flight check at the La Palma airport (2:30 a.m.)

Ready for a takeoff

Leaving La Palma, next stop Mauritania

Sunrise over the Sahara desert

Where Sahara meets the Atlantic

Final approach to the airport in the middle of nowhere

Taxying to the parking

Done and ready to go to sleep
List of countries:

Canary islands

Western Sahara


Flight log:

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