Around the world in Cessna 182

February 10, 2004
Kinshasa, Congo DRC (FZAA) to Luanda, Angola (FNLU)

Today's was a very short flight. I was glad to finally break away from the "weekend only" mode and start flying more often. Partially that is because I will take a break this coming weekend and not fly at all, so I will try to complete few legs this week, before I leave town.

The exciting thing is that this flight will put me over the one half of my trip around the world. As a matter of fact, half way to Luanda, I will cross the half way point (by number of legs, not by distance). I am actually not sure where would the one half point by distance be.

I started very early local time (4 am local, 9 pm Salt Lake City time) so it was still dark. I did get to enjoy the great sunrise during my today's flight, which also means that the approach and landing were done during the daylight. Not too bad.

After taking off, I climbed to 6,500 ft. which was the altitude suggested by the flight plan generator and that seemed reasonable to me. The heading of 212 took me straight from Kinshasa to Luanda. There were no scenic detours or sightseeing this time.

Pre flight check at Kinshasa airport, 5 am

Taxying for takeoff

Ready to go, final check

Leaving Kinshasa

The sunrise

Final approach

On the ground

Parked and done for the day
List of countries:

Democratic Republic of the Congo


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