Around the world in Cessna 182

February 25, 2004
Inhambane, Mozambique (FQIN) to Toliara, Madagascar (FMST)

Today's flight to Madagascar was almost completely over the water, Mozambique Channel, which really is a part of the Indian Ocean. So, I have now flown over each and every ocean that we have on this planet. That is very cool indeed.

I have started flying earlier than I did over the last few days and that was for two reasons. First, it will be daylight here much sooner (I keep moving east, remember), and second, from what I can tell so far, all oceans look more less the same on the picture, so there was no point in taking "yet another ocean picture" (OK, I did take one) . Since the reason I like flying during the daylight is to be able to stare through the window and/or take pictures of the scenery there was no reason to wait any longer. The sun did come out by the time I got to this exotic island anyway.

I did the whole flight on autopilot (well other than takeoff and lading). My altitude was 7,500 ft. and the heading 103. Since there was not much to do during the flight, I spent a lot of time reading and working on my paper.

The weather was partially cloudy, and not windy. The approach and landing went without any problems, so there is nothing juicy to report here. I hope to continue this trip tomorrow at about the same time. Stay tuned.

Pre Flight Check at 03:15 local time

Ready for a takeoff from runway 16

Leaving Ihambane

Flying over the Mozambique Channel

Final approach to Toliara, a bit too high

Done for the day
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