Around the world in Cessna 182

February 17, 2004
Luanda, Angola (FNLU) to Huambo, Angola (FNHU)

Finally, I was able to find time to continue my journey. It's been a while since I flew, but I am still determined to complete this whole thing. There is no backing out now. It really is a big drain on my time, much more so than I anticipated. Between flying and writing this log (which, I can do at the same time as I am flying on my XP and doing the web stuff on my Linux) there is little time left for other things. I am more than half way done though, and apart from the few flights I will do in Europe, the rest will be in the favorable time zones so I will be able to fly after work in the evenings.

So, at 4 am local time, I got my flight plan ready, hopped into my plane, and I was on my way towards the city of Huambo which is situated in the high planes of Angola.

This was rather short flight, but I had to climb to a very high altitude (well high if you are in Cessna 182). My flight plan suggested that I should cruise at 11,500 ft. which I did. I've decided that being night and all, I better do what I am told. So, after the takeoff, I set the heading to 156, and started slow climb to the desired altitude. There was no rush as I had almost an hour before I got to the highlands.

Weather was completely clear, and I was once again treated to a very nice sunrise. Even though the second half of my trip was during the daylight, there was not all that much to see. I was able to make few nice screen shots though as always.

The approach to the Huambo airport and the landing there were uneventful. After landing, I parked the plane and went to sleep. I hope to continue tomorrow.

Pre flight check at Luanda airport

Ready for a takeoff, runway 23

Leaving Luanda

First rays of light, it is already dawn

Highlands of Angola

Final approach to Huambo

Parked and ready to sleep, yawn
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