Around the world in Cessna 182

February 18, 2004
Huambo, Angola (FNHU) to Oshakati, Namibia (FYOS)

Flying two days in a row... I might even finish this trip before the year 2020. Same as yesterday, I started at 4 am local time. It was of course dark but the sun came out as I was getting closer to my destination.

Flight from Huambo to Oshakati in Namibia was just over 2 hours long and it took me over the highlands of Angola and Namibia. That region is very interesting indeed. It is very high plateau, over a mile high at some places and it is relatively flat. There are some higher peaks here and there, and some places that look more like mountains, but it is mostly flat. This cool region covers most of the southern African Continent, it stretches from Victoria lake on the north, all the way to the southern tip of the continent. I really was not aware of this geographical feature before. I am really learning so much during this trip.

I have obligatory screen shots of today's flight included below, but they really are more less following the same pattern. Pre-flight check, takeoff, approach and landing. I guess I am not very imaginative to always think of something different. Of course in addition to that, there are also images of cool places I flew over as well (if there were any).

After the takeoff (picture of which you will find below), I started a slow climb to 10,500 ft, and set the heading to 190 which took me directly to Oshakati. As I mentioned, the flight was just over 2 hours long, and did not take me over any photogenic places. I guess, most of this planet is uncool (even though this is geographically interesting place) and not screen shot worthy. I have noticed the same thing on my road trips (think Midwest).

As many times before, the approach and landing were without problems. I just know I will get overly confident and will die in a fiery crash one of these days. It really would suck though, as I would have to start over. I better be very careful.

Pre flight check at Huambo airport

All done and ready for a takeoff

Leaving Huambo

Highlands of southern Afrika

Final approach to Oshakati

Done for today
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