Around the world in Cessna 182

March 15, 2004
Toliara, Madagascar (FMST) to Mahajanga, Madagascar (FMNM)

Little did I know that this part of my trip will not take place for 19 days. I was plagued by computer failures and had to spend a lot of time dealing with that. Problems were of various nature ranging from the viral attack to the hardware failure. I do believe that the worst is over now, so I hope to be able to fly more often from now on. As much fun as this trip has been so far, I would like to complete it before the end of this century.

I have started this leg before the dawn, and again I was treated to a very nice sunrise. I just love to watch sun appear out of nowhere and the day being born. There is just something magical about that. After a quick preflight check I took off from the runway 11 and set the heading of 034 directly towards the city of Mahajanga. I will not stop at the capital Antananarivo as I originally planned. After losing so much time to computer problems I just want to try to make some progress and get to really interesting parts of the African continent (well interesting from the air), like Mt. Kilimanjaro, Victoria Lake and of course the pyramids.

I was flying at 9,500 ft. which took me well above any mountain peaks at the west part or Madagascar. I did not want to risk anything.

The approach to Mahajanga and the landing there were very easy. The weather cooperated and I was able to land easily in one piece.

Pre flight check at Toliara airport

Ready for a takeoff at runway 11

Leaving Toliara

Sunrise over the Madagascar

Final approach to Mahajanga airport

On the ground at Mahajanga

Done for the day
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