Around the world in Cessna 182

March 24, 2004
Mahajanga, Madagascar (FMNM) to Mtwara, Tanzania (HTMT)

So much for flying more often. Once again, it has been a while since my last flight. Things are just too crazy over here, in addition to all the web site issues I've been having lately (worms and such). My new web server is almost ready, and I think I will be moving these pages to it very soon, within next few weeks. I would like to test it for a while before I make a complete switch.

But, back to my flight. I got ready early morning local time, around 5 am (7 pm Salt Lake City time). Today's flight was over the water, the Indian Ocean to be exact, so again I was able to set the autopilot and kick back for the duration of the flight. I flew directly from Mahajanga to Mtwara following the heading 320 so the autopilot was more than capable of taking care of flying.

Other than taking few obligatory screen shots of the sunrise, I had very little to do until it was time to land in Tanzania which meant more reading time for me. The weather cooperated and other than some minor T-storms during the takeoff (some 30-40 miles from the airport) there was nothing much going on. I was able to find some tail wind at 6,500 ft. so that is where I stayed during the whole flight.

The approach and lading were once more uneventful, so there is nothing juicy to report. I parked the plane, turned the engine off, and called it a day.

Pre-flight check

Ready for a takeoff at runway 14

Leaving Mahajanga

The first light

The sunrise and the clouds

Approaching the coast of Mozambique

Final approach to Mtwara airport

Done for the day
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