Around the world in Cessna 182

February 22, 2004
Gaborone, Botswana (FBSK) to Inhambane, Mozambique (FQIN)

Despite some serious setbacks (Gnome on my Linux does not work any more), I was still able to continue my journey today. I do not know why is Gnome kaput (might have something to do with me incidentally hitting the off switch while the computer was on - ouch), but I am learning to like KDE. It is time for me to upgrade to the newest and the latest anyway, so I will not really bother fixing it. Mandrake 10.0 is almost out and I will just do fresh install of that.

But, back to flying. At 04:30 local time, before the dawn, I was ready and took off towards the east coast of Africa. My next destination Inhambane, the city on the coast of Mozambique, is more less due east from Gaborone (heading 101). The distance covered on this part was about 600 miles so this flight took some time. My automatic plan creator suggested I should fly at 11,500 ft. so I chose 11,000 just to be a rebel. There really aren't any peaks that are that high in this part of the world.

The storm was over by the time I was ready to leave Gaborone, only some clouds remained. About one hour into the flight the skies mostly cleared and I had great view during the rest of the flight. The scenery was not all that spectacular, but I still took few shots here and there (mostly of Drakensberg mountains).

The approach to Inhambane was routine and so was landing despite the thick fog and the lack of the ILS (and the tower for that matter). I am feeling more and more comfortable with this plane (well as long as I am flying it in the simulator).

Pre Flight check at Gaborone airport

Ready for a takeoff, runway 8

Leaving Gaborone

First rays of the Sun
Flying over the Drakensberg mountains

Final approach in thick fog...

but I was still able to find the airport...

and land in one piece...

so I parked the plane and went to sleep.
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