Around the world in Cessna 182

February 21, 2004
Alexander Bay, South Africa (FAAB) to Cape Town, South Africa (FACT)

This time I am starting my flight during the day. It is Saturday and I started early am Salt Lake City time.

The airport at Aleksander bay is consisting only of a runway, weather station and a tower, at least in FS2004. I quickly created the VFR flight plan, got clearance and took off. Since the almost the whole flight was over the Ocean, I was able to stay relatively low (7,500 ft.). Today's flight was almost directly South, I was following the heading of 200.

There are few screen shots that I have included this time, one of South African countryside and one of the coastline.

The approach to Cape Town International airport was really easy, I used the ILS approach to the runway 19. There was some traffic, but the weather was perfect. Finally, after long time I came to a big modern airport. That was a nice change.

I got there just in time before the sunset. Now I can rest and continue my trip with the first light next morning.

Airport at the Aleksander Bay

Leaving Aleksander Bay

Green hills of South Africa

South African coastline

Final approach to the Cape Town International airport

Done for today
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South Africa

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