Around the world in Cessna 182

January 03, 2004
Trondheim, Norway (ENVA) to Oslo, Norway (ENGM)

Not wanting to wait for the daylight, I've continued my trip few hours after getting to Trondheim. The weather in Oslo is OK at this moment, and the long term forecast calls for snow almost every day, so it did not make sense to wait. I prepared the flight plan, got clearance and at 04:30 local time I was off heading south.

One thing that I did between takeoff and landing was to install Norwegian airports add on scenery. Whoa, what a change that made, check out the screen shots below. There was even the little guy at the gate waving at me. Impressive.

Other than the excitement about the new and improved airports (I had to do a test flight), there was little to do or see on this short flight (maybe the fact that it was night had something to do with it). As a result I have very few screen shots this time. I will make sure to take off from the Oslo airport during the daylight though, so that I can see the surrounding. I am curious to see how realistic it is. The flight today was IFR. I was at 8,000 ft whole time following the heading of 180 directly from Trondheim to Oslo. The approach was a no brainer, I just followed the ATC instructions and before I knew it I was on the ground, parked and ready to have deserved rest.

Pre-flight check at the gate 37

Ready for departure to Oslo, runway 09

Leaving Trondheim

Final approach to Oslo airport

On the ground

Taxi to the gate

Parked at the gate 181
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