Around the world in Cessna 182

January 03, 2004
Tromso, Norway (ENTC) to Trondheim, Norway (ENVA)

Yet another flight in the complete darkness. I left Tromso at 14:30 local time (or shall I say Zulu). After short (and almost fatal) taxi to runway 19, I took off, set the heading to 207 and climbed to 9,500 ft. There will be very little to see during this flight, but I will cross the Arctic Circle and get back to the place where the Sun does shine (sometimes).

Trondheim is a very nice place indeed, but I doubt that the virtual town in the FS2004 looks anything like the real one. I spent few days there some years ago, and have many pictures. Maybe it is better that I got there during the night, and I should just continue towards Oslo.

I was just saying yesterday that the weather has been on my side so far, and now it is snowing in Trondheim. Funny. Still it was not too bad, just the light snow, and not too windy. The approach and the landing were without any problems.

Pre-flight check

Waiting for takeoff clearance for south departure

Leaving Tromso

Back below the Arctic circle

Final approach to Trondheim

On the ground

Refueling station
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