Around the world in Cessna 182

January 02, 2004
Longyear, Norway (ENSB) to Tromso, Norway (ENTC)

This was relatively short flight, and it was all during the darkness, so there are very few screen shots. I created the flight plan, got my plane ready and took of from runway 10 heading 171 straight to Tromso. This time, I did not have to worry about fuel so I settled down at the reasonable altitude of 9,500 ft.

It was snowing in Svalbard as I was leaving, but nothing too bad. There was no wind, and the snow was very light, so there were no problems. The flight was about 4 hours long, and there was nothing to see, and really nothing much to do either (I did not have to worry about the fuel efficiency like last time). What that meant is that I was able to get a lot of reading done again. If I continue like this, I will soon catch up on all the scientific papers I am supposed to read.

My weather luck continues to hold and I have crossed the Atlantic over the last few days, got almost to 80th parallel and encountered no major winter storms. This time I did not even have the crosswind. I should play lottery as well I guess.

Preflight check at the Longyear airport

Ready for a takeoff, runway 10

Leaving Longyear

Final approach to Tromso airport

Parked and ready to go to sleep
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