Around the world in Cessna 182

January 04, 2004
Oslo, Norway (ENGM) to Inverness, Scotland (EGPE)

Flying in Europe is proving to be problematic due to the 8 hour time difference. I was ready at 14:30 local time this morning (06:30 my time), and was barely able to catch one hour of daylight. Even that did not help much as it was snowing on and off in Oslo so I did not get to see the city. Maybe I should just resign to doing quite a few flights in the darkness and not see much of the scenery. On a positive note, as I am moving further south, the days will be getting longer very fast.

Today's flight from Oslo to Inverness was just over 4 hours long following the heading of 258 at the altitude of 10,000 ft. Around Oslo it was snowing on and off, but it cleared up while flying over the mountains. I run into thick cloud cover around Haugesund. Of course the weather in Inverness was rainy, but I guess it is like that 99% of the time.

The approach and landing were easy, vectors, then visual landing. It was somewhat foggy, but the visibility was still good. I left the plane at the parking and went to deserved rest. It might be few days before I continue my trip.

Pre flight check at the gate 181

Taxi towards the runway 1L

Ready for departure to Inverness

Leaving Oslo international

That was it for the daylight

Final approach to Inverness airport


Then park
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