Around the world in Cessna 182

January 10, 2004
Inverness, Scotland (EGPE) to London, UK (EGKK) via Dublin

Flying in Europe during the winter is proving to be very challenging mostly because I would like to see the cities and the landscape but the days are just too shot. The 8 hour difference (7 while in the U.K.) is really making it very hard for me to find time to fly. It should be somewhat better when I get to Africa, especially on the East side of the continent. Until then I will have to fly only one or two legs a week.

After taking off from Inverness airport I flew over the Loch Ness. Even though I flew the entire length of the lake only few feet above the water I could not see the elusive monster Nessie. One of the shots I have taken though does have some (out of focus of course) dark spot on the water. The mystery continues.

After the completely irresponsible very low flight over the lake, I climbed to 11,000 ft. searching for an altitude with the most favorable winds and, then finally settled down at 5,000 ft. From Inverness to Dublin I followed the heading of 205. Due to very strong head wind I used much more fuel than I anticipated so, I've decided to land and refuel in Dublin (even though originally I planned just a flyover). I am sure I would have had enough fuel to London anyway, but as they say, better safe than sorry. The approach and landing were without any problems. As soon as I was on the ground, I started looking for a refueling station, topped off my tanks, and was on my way to London. All in all, I spent about 20 minutes in Ireland. Pity.

Flight to London was much faster as I had tail wind now. I was following the heading of 128 at 7,000 ft. over the Wales and southern England. By the time I got to London though, it was dark, so I did not see much. I guess now I have to wait till next Saturday to continue my trip so that I can tour the London by daylight.

Pre flight check at the Inverness airport

Ready for a takeoff, runway 24
Leaving Inverness airport

Loch Ness

West coast of Scotland

Final approach to Dublin international

Refueling at the Dublin airport

Patiently waiting in line for a takeoff

Off to London

Taxing to parking

Parked at the Gatwick airport
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