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May 15, 2004
Freiburg, Germany (EDTF) to Copenhagen, Denmark (EKCH) via Luneburg

Two flights in a day after such a long break, not bad at all. I spent grand total of 15 minutes in Freiburg and took off around 8 pm local time towards the Luneburg on my way to Copenhagen. Originally I was planning to land at the grass runway in Luneburg, but since it was dark, by the time I got there, and since there are no runway lights, I knew better. So, I just did the flyover in complete darkness and could not see a thing.

Other than a very cool sunset (yes, I have included another picture of sunset), there was little excitement on this part of my trip. That is just as well, as I was tired and ready to be done for the day. I must not be in the top flying form :-)

So today, I started from the Balkan Peninsula, flew over the flatlands, the Alps, all of Germany (most of which was kinda flat), The Fehmarn Belt, Lolland and Zealland and got all the way to the Merchant's Harbor (Copenhagen). Hi Klaus. Remember, you were supposed to send me an e-mail.

It seems that the Copenhagen International airport was not made to look very spectacular in FS2004. I flew to/from it several times (quite some time ago), and it was much bigger than what MS programmers made it to be. OK, MS programmers, if you are reading this, get to work and fix it.

From Freiburg to Luneburg I followed the heading of 018 and then 028 to Copenhagen. I flew at 7,500 ft. all the way, as the terrain was mostly flat and there was nothing to slam into. The ILS approach was nice, but the landing a bit rough. Now I must sleep.

Ready to leave Freiburg

Leaving Freiburg


Final approach to Copenhagen International airport

Parked at the gate
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