Around the world in Cessna 182

June 30, 2004
Port Hardy, British Columbia (CYZT) to Seattle, Washington (KSEA)

Now I really have a feeling that I am getting close to home. Seattle is practically within driving distance (one very long day) from Salt Lake City. I took off at approximately 4 pm local time and followed the course 111 directly to Seattle. Once more I had good luck with the weather during my trip. That was important for the picture taking purposes. How would this page look like if all I had to show were several pictures of my plane in the fog and drizzle. 'I swear this is the picture of me over the Port Alberni..."

The said route took me over the whole length of the island, from Port Hardy to Victoria. After that I crossed the Strait of Juan De Fuca, flew by the Olympic mountains, the City of Seattle and finally landed at the Seattle International Airport.

I left the plane parked at the gate until I have time to continue to Missoula.

Port Hardy airport

Leaving Port Hardy

I finally get to see the hurricane ridge

Lining up for the approach (Mt. Renier in the background)

On final approach

Parked at Sea-Tac airport
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