Around the world in Cessna 182

December 16, 2003
Toronto, Ontario (CYYZ) to Montreal, Quebec (CYUL)

This was another night flight in the IFR. I figured there was nothing much to see between Toronto and Montreal so that was OK. The weather in Toronto was rainy on departure, but I got above the clouds very quickly as they were mostly very low. My cruise altitude was 7,000 ft. following the heading of 075 directly to Montreal.

This was relatively short flight, but it was really interesting as I broke another record... I have achieved the ground speed of 171 kn. That was all thanks to the tail wind, as I was still flying at my normal air speed of 120 kn. It was nice to fly that fast though, it made this short trip even shorter.

As I suspected, there was little to see during this flight, hence the dearth of screen shots. I guess now that I am flying in this region in the middle of the winter, I better get used to flying in the complete darkness. I am now at 45 degrees north, which might not seem like much, but as we are nearing the winter solstice days are getting to be really short here.

When I arrived to Montreal, it was freezing rain and high winds. What a way to greet a guest. Still, I managed to land in one piece and to taxi to the gate without any incidents. This time I only made one shot as I was approaching the airport, and the rest of the time, I was actually concentrated on flying (landing), so it really went smooth.

As a side note, I enjoyed the airport in Toronto where you can see people (well shadows) inside the terminal. Nice touch indeed.

Parked at the Gate at the Toronto international

Ready for takeoff at the runway 23

Leaving Toronto

Final approach to Montreal airport

Parked at the gate at the Montreal airport
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