Around the world in Cessna 182

December 20, 2003
St. Johns, Newfoundland (CYYT) to Cartwright, Newfoundland (CYCA)

The fog has lifted and the night has fallen. I did find time to fly another leg today but I could not start early enough to at least take off during the daylight. That is OK though, as I did get to see the St. John's area on my way in.

I created an IFR plan to fly directly from St. John's to Cartwright following heading of 001 (due north). I have selected 7,000 ft as my cruising altitude and that proved to be ah excellent choice. As I was climbing towards 7,000, I was flying through really strong head wind (gs of < 50 kn), and it was getting stronger and stronger. There was no way I would have had enough fuel to make it to Cartwright at those conditions. Just when I thought I will have to fly at the lower altitude to get away from really intense head wind, something weird happened. I have encountered severe (the worst yet) turbulence around 6,000 ft. and it almost seemed as if there was a wall I couldn't fly through. After unsuccessfully trying to get through the turbulence area 4-5 times (the plane would stall every time and I would start losing altitude) I was ready to give up and request lower altitude from the ATC. But then I though, if there is so much turbulence, there must be the wind direction change there (in addition to really having to see what is on the other side of that wind wall). Sure enough, as I went over 6,200 the wind started to shift and finally I got the ground speed of 134 kn. The turbulence was so intense though I was worried that the plane would fall apart.

The approach was OK, although, there was no ILS, nor tower at the Cartwright airport. The lights were on though, and that is all I needed. Chalk this up as another perfect landing.

Pre-flight check at the gate


Leaving St. John's airport

Final approach to Cartwright airport

I guess this is as good of a place to park as any
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