Around the world in Cessna 182

December 19, 2003
Montreal, Quebec (CYUL) to Halifax, Nova Scotia (CYHZ)

It was a dark and moonless night at the frozen north. Days here are so short that I just have to fly at night. IFR makes it easier though. There is no need to look out the window until the final approach.

I did not fly yesterday, but I took the time to go over my flight plan and modify it. Everything will stay the same as I originally planned until I get to Cairo. From there, I will go back to Europe then Ural mountains, over Mongolia to India, Indonesia, Australia, back to Indonesia than Philippines and finally Japan. From Japan to Salt Lake City I will follow more less the same route as I originally planned. This change will make my trip much longer, but that is OK. I will even stop in Copenhagen.

This part of my trip goes over the area that is more less uninteresting from the air (at least from 7,000 ft.). Speaking of altitude, last time I flew, I had major tail wind that resulted in really high ground speed. This time I had no such luck. I did have some tail wind, but nothing like last time. Now I got greedy.

The direct route from Montreal to Halifax was following the heading of 116. I did not experiment with the altitude too much, and just stayed on my pre-assigned 7,000 ft.

Pre flight check at Monreal airport

Taxying into position

Leaving Montreal

Final approach to Halifax airport

Perfect landing (yeah, right)

Parked at the gate 26
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