Around the world in Cessna 182

December 20, 2003
Halifax, Nova Scotia (CYHZ) to St. Johns, Newfoundland (CYYT)

Today I found out that Canada is not always in the dark. Sun does make it there on occasion. That's good, I was starting to worry for the poor people that live out there.

Since it was day, and since the weather was nice I chose to fly VFR this time. There are no high mountain peaks, nor very many sightseeing places on the route from Halifax to St. Johns, so I flew directly (heading 088) at the altitude of 7,500 ft. It is cold in Canada at this time of the year, and I can notice that by how my plane performs, notably, it flies much better (the air is more dense). Basically, the density altitude is always much lower than the actual altitude, which means that I can go higher and faster. Well, now that is not such a big deal as I am flying over the lowlands, but I could have used that while I was in South America flying over the Andes. Interestingly, as I was flying towards the coast, it was getting warmer, and I had to keep adjusting the mixture to get optimum performance and gas mileage even though I kept the same altitude.

The approach was interesting as St. John's was enveloped in very thick fog. If I did not have the ILS it would have been a big problem. This was the worst visibility landing so far on this trip, but I am sure there will be more to come. Despite that, the landing was one of the softest ones ever. Go figure.

Plane was just where I left it last night

At the runway, ready to go

Leaving Halifax
Approaching Newfoundland

Final approach (where is the darn airport???)

Final approach (I found it)
The Eagle has landed

Parked at the gate
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