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Decmeber 28, 2004
Iqualuit, Nunavut (CYFB) to Maniitsoq, Greenland (BGMQ)

Luckily I did not have to wait too long before I had time to fly to Greenland from Iqualuit. I am still trying to fly as much as possible during the daylight since it is much more fun to look at the scenery when you can actually see something. At this latitude days are all too short which means I have a very narrow window for daylight flights.

I was ready to leave at dawn (10:30 local time) so after creating a flight plan and checking the plane I took off heading east (heading 110) towards the Greenland. The weather was quite nice for this flight, partially cloudy and very cold. I left the coast of Canada and flew over the Davis Strait to Maniitsoq in Greenland. It turns out that there is little green on Greenland, it was mostly white. That is false advertisement. Outrageous :-)

The sun never made it much over the horizon, it was just lingering above the water, and then slowly started dipping into the Ocean. Soon, I will cross the Arctic Circle and then I will not see the sun for some time.

It turns out that the airport at Maniitsoq is the smallest one in Greenland (what else is new). The runway there is only 2600 ft. long, so I had to be very careful when landing to make sure I can stop before the runway ends. Despite low light conditions and the short runway, the landing was very good.

Pre-flight check at dawn

Ready for a takeoff from the runway 35 at Iqualuit airport

Leaving Iqualuit

Bye bye Canada

Flying over the Davis Strait (12:20 local time)

Hello Greenland

Final approach to Maniitsoq airport at dusk

On the ground
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