Around the world in Cessna 182

December 27, 2003
Nain, Newfoundland (CYDP) to Iqualuit, Nunavut (CYFB)

It's been six days since I arrived to Nain. I wanted to do this part of the trip during the daylight so I had to wait until the weekend. I started at dawn from Nain and set the heading of 009 staying at the altitude of 9,500 ft. Next stop Iqualuit. I was little bit confused with these headings though. When I looked it up on a globe, it seemed that in order to fly from Nain to Iqualuit one has to go to the North-northwest (heading 340 or so), but my navigational chart tells me to go 009. I guess as I am getting further North, the difference between the magnetic North Pole and geographic North Pole is starting to show more and more.

The north Labrador is actually not completely flat, there are few hills and one mountain (Mt. Caubvick standing at whooping 5,413 ft). It seems though that Mt. Caubvick was not important enough to FS2004 programmers as it was shown in really low resolution, so what I saw through the window looked nothing like the real thing (I checked the pictures of the real thing on the web). I've included the screen shot of it anyway.

I had to fight strong headwind all the way to Iqualuit, so I ended using up more fuel than I expected. That is one of the reasons I avoided having very long stretches on my flight around the world unless it was absolutely necessary. So far I was able to make it to my destination every time without having to return, or land on the alternative airport, but that might not always be the case.

Iqualuit is located at 63 degrees North, so at this time of the year the Sun never gets too high above the horizon. That resulted in few very nice screen shots (see bellow).

Pre-flight check at Nain airport

Takeoff into a sunrise

Leaving Nain

Flying along the coast

Mt. Caubvick shrouded in clouds

The very tip of Labrador

Spiraling down to lose altitude

High noon at 63 degrees North

Final approach to Iqualuit

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