Around the world in Cessna 182

December 21, 2003
Cartwright, Newfoundland (CYCA) to Nain, Newfoundland (CYDP)

One of the advantages that the smaller planes have over the bigger ones, is that they require shorter runways, and subsequently can land and take off from just about any airport in the world (bigger planes would have advantage at the airports that are at really high altitude). When I was planing my around the world trip, I knew that I wanted to do this in a smaller plane rather than in one of those big (or even smaller) jets. I have considered Cessna grand caravan, or even one of the Beechcraft planes as they have longer range, are more stable and can fly higher. Still, I chose 182S since I thought it would be a bigger challenge. One of the advantages of choosing Cessna 182 is that I now have the ability to land on small airports like Cartwright and Nain (see bellow). I am not saying it would be impossible to land here in a bigger plane (if you try let me know), but it would certainly be a challenge and the margin for error would be very small.

My flight today was following the Labrador coastline heading almost straight north (heading of 347) at the altitude of 9,500 ft. The weather was partially cloudy and I had to fight moderate headwind. I was not able to find an altitude where the winds were better. This part of the world is very interesting and it is on the list of places to visit in the next few years together with the Patagonia, Antarctica and Alaska.

I am not sure how much progress I will be able to make over the next week or so. I would like to fly to and over the Greenland during the daylight, but that would be very difficult as the days there are only couple of hours long.

Today, I had another first, the temperature has gone below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. I was at 55 degrees north at 9,500 ft. and the temperature dropped to -2F. Brrrrr.

Despite very strong crosswind, the approach to Nain was easy, visibility was good, and the weather mostly nice (other than that crosswind).

Pre-flight check at the Cartwright airport

Leaving Cartwright

The coast of Labrador
Landing at Nain in very strong crosswind

On the ground at Nain
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