Around the world in Cessna 182

December 31, 2003
Kulusuk, Greenland (BGKK) to Nerlerit Inaat, Greenland (BGCO) via Reykjavik

Originally, I planned to fly directly from Kulusuk to Nerlerit Inaat following the east coast of Greenland, but at the last moment I have decided to spice up my trip and make a refueling stop at Reykjavik. When I was making my flight plan, the suggested altitude for the direct flight to Nerlerit Inaat was 17,500 ft. which meant that I would have to cross mountains (or glaciers) that are rather high. What made it even worse was that those mountains were above the Arctic Circle so I would have to cross them in the complete darkness. If I was to avoid all that, I would have to have flown around, over the Denmark Strait, so I figured if I have to go around why not go way around and see Iceland as well.

Flight to Reykjavik was mostly above the water (Denmark Strait). I flew along the east coast of Greenland, made a nice screen shot, and then set the heading of 128 directly to Iceland. As I was approaching Iceland, I was treated to a nice Aurora Borealis light show (see below). After landing at the Reykjavik airport, I went to a gas station and refueled my plane. Right after that, I requested taxi for a takeoff and minutes later I was on my way back to Greenland (heading 020).

Today at 18:50 local time, I crossed the Arctic Circle, an imaginary circle located at 66° 30"N latitude. It represents the northernmost point at which the sun can be seen at the winter solstice (which BTW, was just few days ago). What that means, is that I will not see the Sun over the next few days at all.

The weather was mostly OK, although there was strong crosswind for landing at both places. I am starting to think that this crosswind thing is a conspiracy. Anyway, I managed to land OK both times, somewhat worse (bouncy) in Reykjavik, and somewhat better (nice and smooth) at Nerlerit Inaat. I will stay here tonight, go to a local party and continue my trip next year.

Plane was just where I left it, parked next to Moonie

Ready to takeoff using runway 11

Leaving Kulusuk

The east coast of Greenland

Aurora Borealis over Iceland

Final approach to Reykjavik airport

Refueling at Reykjavik airport

Ready to leave for Greenland, runway 1

Crossing the Arctic Circle (66° 30" N)

Final approach to Nerlerit Inaat aiport

On the ground at Nerlerit Inaat

Parked and ready for rest
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