Around the world in Cessna 182

June 13, 2004
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (AYPY) to Jayapura, Indonesia (WAJJ)

Wasting no time, I took off shortly after refueling. My flight took me back to Indonesia (city of Jayapura). I flew over the highlands of Papua New Guinea, as a matter of fact, over the highest point in the country, Mt. Wilhelm which stands at respectable 14,450 ft. Knowledge is power! I climbed to 15,000 ft. knowing that will be enough and then just flew straight. Shortly after going over the Mt. Wilhelm though, I descended to more reasonable 12,000 ft.

I took a picture of what I thought was Mt. Wilhelm, but I could not be sure. My navigational skills are not all that great. Sure, it is easy to fly around the world using GPS, but to find the right peak amongst so many of them... that is another story.

I was following the heading 311 the whole way and little over 4 hours after takeoff from Port Moresby I landed at the Jayapura airport. This will have to be it for today as it is rather late.

Ready to continue my trip

Leaving Port Moresby

The highlands of Papua New Guinea

Mt. Wilhelm?

Final approach to Jayapura airport

All done for the day
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Papua New Guinea


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